Cook Islands Green Climate Fund Handbook

A practical guide to the Green Climate Fund’s (GCF) processes and procedures.

Formulation of the Cook Islands GCF Handbook was funded by the Green Climate Fund (GCF)Readiness Programme.

The Readiness Programme aims to support the Cook Islands in strengthening its national capacities to effectively plan for, access, manage and deploy and monitor climate change financing, through GCF. This Handbook provides a simplified and practical guidelines to those organisations seeking to learn about the GCF, its modalities and procedures in the Cook Islands context.

Finally, the Handbook is prepared as a public document, to be used by any interested organisation, agency, or group that is interested in accessing the GCF’s resources. Importantly, the Handbook also highlights how the GCF’s national focal point will assess and respond to ideas. Concepts, and proposals as they are prepared for accessing finances under the GCF.

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